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To begin with how does one say thank you to the teacher for the most wonderful art class in NYC?
As you know my girlie age 13 was adopted 5 years ago and had no previous schooling in her native country. She came to America not knowing what a triangle, circle, square etc. was. All she could “draw” were stick figures and simple flowers, probably on kindergarten or pre-K level though she was much older than that. Not to fear, Leila was there. You made my daughter feel welcome and capable of doing better, and she is. Krasi thoroughly enjoys the creative process and is thriving. She looks forward to going to class each Saturday and “brags” about learning shading. Leila, you clearly run the best art class for kids in NYC.
Thank you many times over from the bottom of my heart.

My son began taking classes with Leila about 1 and 1/2 years ago at the age of 8. In addition to seeing amazing progress in his drawing skills and all the benefits you get from participating in the arts; his confidence in his art has grown tremendously. He thinks of himself as an artist (and so do we)!

Under Leila’s careful tutelage my daughter has blossomed into a true artist. Our daughter always looks forward to her art lessons and enjoys the comfortable, nurturing atmosphere of the class. Her latest drawings are the best testimony to the high quality of instruction and individual attention all children get at Young Artist Studio.

My daughter has been with Leila for a year now, and this class has become an integral part of her life. She looks forward to her time there each week, and Leila has been able to draw out a talent that we did not know she had! Leila provides a disciplined learning approach to her students that ensure that they master their skills in both drawing and painting. But she accomplishes it all in a warm and supportive environment. My daughter loves both the class and what she is learning in it, but it is obvious to me that the other students in with her enjoy it just as much as she does. Brava, teacher!

“My daughter has been drawing for four years with Leila and has produced many stunning pieces of work. She recently applied to a prominent boarding school and brought her portfolio to show and discuss during her interview. She was accepted, and her artwork was noted as being one of the major factors that attracted them to her.”

I have shown family and friends Alexander’s drawings. They are amazed at his talent. Each new drawing shows how strong his artistic ability is growing. When he comes home from class we are so excited to take a look at his next project. He never disappoints. Amazing art!

“I have been going to Leila’s art class since I was seven years old and in
the eleven years I have taken her class, she has masterfully taught me the
essentials of realistic art. I have benefited immeasurably from Leila’s
teaching and she has truly molded me into a skilled and passionate artist.
Leila instills enthusiasm for art in all of her students and her class
provides the ideal environment for any young artist to prosper.”
Carolyn F

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