Kid's Art Classes in New York and Manhattan

Art Class

At the Young Artist Studio students generally go thru different stages in the program. All students are evaluated for their drawing skills during the first class. Students are all encouraged to begin by drawing the basic shapes. Basic shapes constitute the fundamentals of all drawing. A sample drawing, pictures and even student’s imagination are used as a source to draw from. Eye training is also stressed throughout the program. In each session students after creating two drawings under the instructor’s supervision, can draw from their imagination using the rules and technique taught to them.

Initially students begin work with pencil, but eventually they are encouraged to experiment with color pencil, pastel, water color, and at an advanced level they can work with oil paint.

As they gain experience the next level involves the understanding and use of light and shadow in drawing, using pencil and charcoal. Eventually they will work from still life, portrait and mannequins, using different mediums.


Throughout the classes students are exposed to works of various classical, impressionist and contemporary artists in order to become familiar with their works and also to see how the rules of drawing and painting are applied in their works.

Students are rewarded with stickers for their works and usually after receiving 10 stickers They are given a small prize for encouragement. All classes are two hours in duration with a ten minute cookie and juice brake in the middle in order to allow the students to relax and regain their concentration.

All classes admit only a maximum of six students in order for the instructor to be able to afford enough time with each student.

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